About me

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” Ernest Hemingway

I started climbing at the age of 5 on the limestone outside my grandfather’s tiny house in the Polish Jura area… Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But that’s not exactly how it happened. That was just the merest prelude to what lay ahead.

I have been climbing for 11 years now. I started my fully-fledged climbing career when I was 19 thanks to a friend of mine, who took me to a climbing gym one day. I came and I stayed. From then on „ReniSport” became my second home and during the years that followed I devoted solely to climbing as my one and only passion. In 2009 I got my rock climbing instructor certification and I realized that teaching people how to climb gives me as much fun as climbing itself.

What can I say about my climbing path after all these years? It has changed and so have I. From being fascinated by pure sports climbing I went smoothly to being overwhelmed by the beauty of trad, ice and mixed climbing in the mountains, where I managed to send some of my hardest climbs.


When it comes to my climbing instructor’s career – that is my second big passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in my life. I have trained over 300 climbers throughout the years and looking at where they are now – chasing their dreams of becoming great climbers – makes me very happy and proud.

During my climbing travels I visited many great crags in Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland), the US (Indian Creek, Boulder), Canada (Squamish) and Chile (Patagonia). I work with climbing magazines and Internet websites. I am also the co-founder of two climbing schools: Vertical Limits and Akademia Górska.

Climbing is both my passion and a lifestyle. There’s nothing else in the whole world that makes me as happy and satisfied as this. I wish to share this passion with others and that is why I do what I do – teach people how to climb and reach their very own summits. Come and try!


Career highlights:

– Almendudler M9 Wi7,350m (Kandersteg, Switzerland) – first Polish ascent; 4th overall

– Jedi Master M11 (Aosta, Italy) – the hardest multi-pitch mixed route ever done by Polish climber

– New ice & mixed routes in Poland and Slovakia (Ślepowidzenie M15?, Chimaera M14, Golem M13, Kláštorné červené Wi6+/7, Echoes WI6)

– Hundreds of hard ice & mixed climbs in Switzerland, Italy and Austria (e.g. Gwindlimora M9 WI6+, Another One Bites the Dust M7+ WI6, Matador M11, Toro M11, Tomahawk M10+/11, Kraftort M11, Joker M10 OS, Rise and Shine WI7, Crack Baby WI6, Rubezahl WI6, Repentance Super WI6, Reise Integral WI6, Mehr Power durch sportliche Aufkleber WI6+)

– Trad climbs up to 5.12a in Canada/USA and IX in the mountains (Wariant R & Saduś in Polish Tatras)

– First ascent of the hardest trad route in Poland („VII.1”, 8a)

– Sport routes up to 8a+/b RP & 7c OS